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What is Divorce Mediation?

Divorce mediation is an alternative to divorce lawyers, divorce attorneys and divorce court. Divorce mediation allows parties going through a divorce to focus on resolving their disagreements with the assistance of a mediator who is trained in divorce settlement.

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When people find themselves about to go through a divorce, or fighting with their spouse in a contested divorce, divorce mediation is a process that allows these parties an alternative to resolve their differences. Divorce mediation allows the parties to work together to address any and all of their differences and resolve them amicably without fighting.

When parties with children find themselves in a divorce, it is common for them to be faced with the following problems:
            Child custody
            Child support
            Property division
            And many other issues.

While it is possible for parties to resolve their differences through litigation by going to court and presenting their case to a judge, there are many drawbacks to this process. By going to court, the parties will have to spend a great deal of time, perhaps more than a year in litigation. There will be attorneys’ fees that can, depending on the case, reach into the tens of thousands of dollars. Emotions and hurtful feelings can grow to the point that following a divorce peaceful communications are simply not possible with your former spouse. Most important, or perhaps most tragically, by allowing divorce lawyers to take your case to court, you as a litigant lose much if not all control over how your case is resolved.

This is not the case with divorce mediation. In fact, with divorce mediation, it is not even necessary that you have an attorney, though many of the professional mediators at Divorce Doctors are licensed attorneys themselves. 

If you want a cost effective and a peaceful alternative to litigation, contact Divorce Doctors toll free at 877-442-4733 and speak with one of our mediation professionals.

Divorce mediation works like this: both spouses meet with a professional mediator at a neutral, non-courtroom location. While the mediator will not be able to provide any legal advise or tell either party what they should do, the divorce mediator will be able to use his or her training and experience to help the parties identify areas that need to be addressed and will be able to explain the law in regard to particular issues.

The major difference between a divorce mediator and judge is that a divorce mediator cannot make the parties do anything. Any agreement the parties may reach is reached through a mutual understanding. 

While you will still have to present your agreement to a court for approval and to make it part of a court order, it is not likely that any judge will refuse to acknowledge and accept any agreement reached through divorce mediation.

Though it is not guaranteed that a case will be resolved through divorce mediation, studies have shown that cases submitted to mediation have a better chance of resolving. Divorce mediation can also be used without worrying about hurting your case should you ever decide to go to court.

Divorce mediation is a confidential process. Nothing said during divorce mediation can be used in court, nor can the divorce mediator be called as a witness for either side should litigation be pursued.

Divorce Doctors provides a group of trained and experienced divorce mediators, many of them also licensed attorneys, who focus their efforts on helping parties involved in a divorce reach peaceful and cost effective resolutions. The mediators that you will find at Divorce Doctors are committed to helping their clients reach the best agreement possible. While there is a fee associated with the work done by Divorce Doctors, the cost is far less that would be spent through litigation.
For assistance with your divorce or divorce mediation contact Divorce Doctors today at 877-442-4733, we are here to help you.

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