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Parenting Resources

Parenting Resources: Helping Your Child Cope with Divorce

  • Yes! Be loving! Make sure your child feels safe, comforted, and loved.  

  • Yes! Be supportive! Your child is sensitive about your feelings towards the other parent. Be respectful, supportive and aware of the other parent.

  • Yes! Support contact! Contact between your child and the other parent is essential, make sure they both know you agree with it.

  • Yes! Give them one on one time! Make sure the other parent has opportunities to respond and help out troubles made my children.

  • Yes! Encourage family! At this critical time, it’s important for your children to talk to relatives: aunts, uncles, grandparents, cousins. Family is the most important thing right now.

  • Yes! Be alert! You and the other parent are making emotional and life changes during this period, make sure you’re aware your child knows that. 

  • Yes! Communication is key! You know your kids best, and they know you even better. Communicate, listen, respect, understand. The best tools during this time with your family is understanding.

  • Yes! Take your time! You and your partner need time to transition through these changes. Understand none of this will be done overnight, and taking your time is the best remedy to coming out with less emotional stress.

  • No! Don’t be choosey!  Your children shouldn’t have to choose which parent they favor, so don’t make them. Make sure your children know you support one another.

  • No! Don’t use the message system! Your children aren’t in the middle, so don’t make them relay messages from you to the other parent.

  • No! Be respectful!  Your children idolize you both, and talking down about the other parent in a negative way will be confusing and emotional.

  • No! Keep it private! Your children shouldn’t have to go through your legal issues. Keep them out of legal discussions and arguments, don’t make them stress more than they already are.



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