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Florida Divorce Mediation Services. 

Divorce is not something that anyone plans on experiencing.  When they do, it isn’t unusual for them to feel like there is no where to turn for divorce help.


All too often when people find themselves in a divorce they rush out and hire a divorce lawyer. After this happens, it is generally the case that these people quickly see the legal fees skyrocket and emotions run unchecked.

However there is an alternative to this bleak scenario. Divorce mediation offers a low-cost alternative to the unpleasant reality of the traditional divorce. With divorce mediation, the parties retain the control over their future instead of surrendering this control to divorce attorneys or the courts.

Many states are ruling that couples seeking dissolution of marriage must first seek mediation. Don’t throw your money away in the courts system. Make an appointment with Divorce Doctors for a positive, affordable alternative to the expensive legal fees many couples have spent, only to achieve the same results in a much more peaceful way. Call Divorce Doctors now at 877-442-4733. They are available to answer your questions regarding mediation.

At Divorce Doctors, a trained divorce mediator will work with you and your spouse to assist you in reaching a fair and equitable resolution to your differences. The mediators who will assist you at Divorce Doctors are highly-trained specialists – many of them family law attorneys themselves – who have extensive experience in the family courts and in dealing with divorce related issues. While these attorneys cannot give you any advice or tell you or your spouse what to do, they will be able to provide options and alternatives to help you resolve your differences.

If you want a cost-effective and a peaceful alternative to litigation, contact Divorce Doctors toll free at 877-442-4733 and speak with one of our mediation professionals.

Through divorce mediation, Divorce Doctors can help you address any issue arising from your marriage. Whether the issues are child custody, child support, alimony, property division or anything else, they can be resolved through mediation.

In the mediation process the parties and the mediator will meet in a neutral, non-judicial setting where they will work towards a resolution and an agreement to all of the parties’ differences.

Regardless of the issue, or even if the parties were never even married, their differences can be resolved through divorce mediation.

For a low-cost option to divorce that allows you to maintain control of your future, consider divorce mediation.

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