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Divorce Property Division

Divorce Doctors can help with all areas of your divorce including property division.

It will surprise people that they don’t always need a family law attorney when they are dealing with issues of dividing the property from their marriage.

Divorce Doctors can help.

In fact, as surprising as it may be, a family law attorney in your area could actually end up costing you more money and time than other alternatives that are available to resolve disagreements involving marital property.

At Divorce Doctors our mediators are experienced and professionally-trained to guide you through the laws and help both parties to come to an agreement, save money and much heartache.

Divorce lawyers are used to dealing with issues involving the division of marital property and often do so as a normal part of their job. However, few divorce attorneys have any attachment to the property they help to divide. 

This is not to say that divorce attorneys are not an important part of the process for parties with a divorce property division dispute. These divorce lawyers will be able to explain the divorce property division laws of your state for you and will even be able to help you by filing a lawsuit to address divorce property division issues.

Divorce mediation is a simple and less costly approach.

But there is another way to go about resolving divorce property division issues other than going out and hiring a family law attorney. 

There are other alternatives, such as divorce mediation, that allow the parties to work together with the assistance of a family law mediator who understands issues of divorce property division.

Contact Divorce Doctors for assistance today.

What happens when couples separate?

When parties separate and perhaps divorce, they will almost always have a great deal of property to divide. This will ultimately result in a divorce property division which will be decided by a judge, attorneys or – in the case of divorce mediation - the spouses themselves. This divorce property division will include land, houses, businesses, retirement accounts, cars, boats, furniture, electronics, pets, money, bank accounts and even debts. 

All property that came into existence during the marriage, and yes, debts and bills are considered property, is subject to being divided.

Each state has a very detailed and specific fashion in which the division of property is approached. Some state divorce laws are founded on the premise that all property that was acquired in the marriage is marital property. Others require the property to first be identified and classified as marital or non-marital. Some states presume that if the property came into existence during the marriage then each spouse automatically has an equal claim to the property. Other states will look to see how each party contributed to the acquisition of the property.

While you will have to contact a divorce attorney in your state to determine exactly what the law is in your state, it is important to realize that through the process of divorce mediation, parties can work together to resolve issues of divorce property division.

If you want a cost effective and a peaceful alternative to litigation, contact Divorce Doctors toll free at 877-442-4733 and speak with one of our mediation professionals.

In divorce mediation, parties who are going through a divorce and have divorce property division issues to address, can meet and work towards a non-judicial resolution to their problems without having to go to court. 

Best of all, the parties can engage in this process with the assistance of Divorce Doctors and have a mediator who understands issues of divorce property division. These mediators – many of them divorce lawyers themselves – is trained in divorce mediation and works with a goal of helping parties with divorce property division, child support, alimony, or other divorce issues resolve their problems. 

This is how Divorce Doctors works. 

  • Divorce mediators with experience in the family courts meet with both parties, not as an attorney who provides guidance or who gives advice, but as a divorce mediator whose goal is settlement. With the assistance of a Divorce Doctor mediator, the parties can work to resolve their disagreements themselves.


  • A divorce mediation specialist cannot force parties to take any action – only a family court judge can do that. However, a divorce mediation specialist can help the parties determine realistic and creative approaches to resolving their problems and disagreements.
  • Divorce mediation takes parties out of the courts and removes the uncertainty of a judge from any settlement. While you still may have to go to court to obtain a divorce, there is no reason why parties, through divorce mediation, cannot work together to resolve their problems.


  • The mediators who will conduct your divorce mediation are highly-trained and experienced professionals – many of them attorneys – who understand the issues you will need to resolve.
For assistance with your divorce or divorce property division contact Divorce Doctors today at 877-442-4733, we are here to help you.


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