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Divorce was not easy for me or our kids. When we decided to divorce we didn’t want judges or lawyers telling us what to do. We wanted an amicable divorce, and thanks to Divorce Doctors we went through the divorce process as easy as possible. Easier on our bank account, the children and less stress! Thank you Divorce Doctors.
- Mike R, Parkland, FL

Who thought we would end up in divorce? With 50% of marriages ending in divorce, I thought we were the other 50%! My ex-husband was out for a fight, but agreeing to Divorce Doctors helped ease the process. Fact is, we were heading for court ordered mediation anyway! I would recommend your service to anyone going through a divorce.
- Carla B, Pembroke Pines, FL

I am a therapist and I recommend Divorce Doctors because I know the strain and stress a court room and conflict can do! A recent patient of mine was going through a nasty divorce with custody issues and lot of anger. I can’t begin to compliment the mediator from Divorce Doctors enough.
- Debra B, Licensed Clinical Therapist

During a stressful and troubled period in my life, Divorce Doctors® was there to help my family through the complicated Florida divorce process, saving us a ton in court costs and legal fees!
- N.P., Clearwater, FL

Although I was skeptical at first, after meeting with Skip and Bryan I realized that divorce mediation really was the sensible way to go. I'm still friends with my ex-wife. I never thought that could be possible!
- A.S., Winter Park, FL

We spent way too much time and money on the courts just for them to tell us we needed to go to divorce mediation. The strange thing is, I don't regret it. divorce mediation allowed us to negotiate and come to an agreement that we were both happy with, even if we weren't happy with each other.
- M.C., Coral Springs, FL


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