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Colorado Divorce Mediation

When people living in Colorado find themselves in the middle of a divorce, they will likely want to know what they are entitled to and will want to consult with a Colorado divorce attorney. But there are also other options that can not only provide permanent results, but can also be quicker and more cost efficient.

One of these options is Colorado divorce mediation – a process that can be undertaken with or without divorce attorneys.

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Colorado divorce mediation is a voluntary process that parties can engage in as an alternative to going to Court.

Colorado divorce mediation works like this:

  • The parties meet at a predetermined, non-judicial location with a mediator. Then, with the assistance of the mediator, the parties begin to address their areas of disagreement. Anything can be discussed in mediation. Colorado divorce mediation can be engaged in without the involvement of divorce attorneys.


  • Our divorce mediators at Divorce Doctors are highly-trained professionals who understand the family law. Many are also licensed attorneys. However, it is important that couples realize that the mediator does not and cannot represent either party. Colorado divorce mediation can take place with or without each party having their own divorce attorney representing them.
  • Parties should also realize that there is a drastic difference between a mediator and a family court judge. A family court judge will not look for a compromise. The judge will decide what should be done and will order the parties to do it.  The parties surrender all power to the judge.


If you want a cost effective and a peaceful alternative to litigation, contact Divorce Doctors toll free at 877-442-4733 and speak with one of our mediation professionals.

  • A divorce mediator can never order or force either party to take any action. Ever. In Colorado divorce mediation, the parties retain complete control over the outcome. Regardless of the issues, either party can say “no” to any proposal in mediation. While this may make for obstacles in mediation, it is important that the parties retain control and that the mediator only guide and look for resolution.


  • Parties meet with a Divorce Doctors mediator, who is specially trained and highly experienced. Together, the parties work with the divorce mediator to settle the case. If either party wants divorce attorneys there to represent them, they are entitled to that, but a separate divorce lawyer is not necessary for Colorado divorce mediation.


  •  Divorce Doctors can also help by providing Colorado divorce mediation without either party risking anything should they later go to Court. The process can save money and can be undertaken at any point in the divorce process.
  • If both parties are in agreement on the divorce terms then your divorce will be filed, and you saved yourself money, time and much heartache.


If you are going through or are about to go through a divorce, consider divorce mediation. Let Divorce Doctors help you save time and money and work together to reach a peaceful divorce settlement.

For assistance with your divorce or divorce mediation contact Divorce Doctors today at 877-442-4733, we are here to help you.

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