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Child Support Law

Child support is a term that can confuse most people.  However, this concept is quite basic in what it means and how it works.  Child support law is a concept where money or support is paid from one parent to the other. 

Divorce Doctors can help with your child support issues.

Child support laws vary across the country, but the concept for them is the same.  Two people have a child or children and as a result of whatever reason, the parties do not live together.  While the parties may no longer live together child support laws across the country have been drafted and passed to make sure that the child or children of these relationships don’t have to suffer. 

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Child support law basically means that one party pays some amount of money to the other parent to be used for the support of the child or children, but child support is different than alimony.

 In some states child support laws contemplates using a guidelines where a sliding scale approach is used based upon the income of both of the parents.  Some other child support laws simply require the parent paying the support to pay a percentage of their income.  The net result of either approach, or even any hybrid approach, is the same.  The child is supported.

Child support law does have drawbacks.  For the person paying the child support, there are often complaints that the money is not being used for the support of the child or that it is being spent on non-child related expenses.

 However, unless there is some showing of severe misappropriation of the funds, it is hard to prove this as there are many expenses that may be related to the child only in part, or perhaps indirectly at best.

 Sometimes parents paying child support want receipts or a breakdown of the expenses or use of the child support; however, it is quite uncommon for this to occur under any child support law situation.

Even the parents receiving child support will often have complaints when child support is paid in full and on time each month.  The chief complaint is that the amount is often not enough to meet all of the expenses related to the child.  However, the amount for child support is generally standardized throughout each state with their child support laws. 

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What could happen if a child support obligation is not paid?

Sometimes parents who have a child support obligation, for whatever reason, decide they will not pay.  This causes a host of problems. 

First, the child has to do without.  Secondly, the person responsible for the payment of child support can end up with a host of legal problems.  Non-payment of child support can result in fines, civil incarceration, community service, attorneys’ fees or, in some cases, criminal charges and jail time.

Parties should also understand that child support laws do not make payment discretionary.  If a person has a child and there is any other custodial arrangement other than that person having custody, then child support can be awarded and paid.  Many courts will refuse to let parties waive child support and will sometimes even refuse to let child support be reduced. 

Despite this, you can avoid going to court and to actually work with your spouse or partner to resolve issues related to child support laws.  With divorce mediation it is possible work together in the best interest of your child to resolve all child law support issues without even involving attorneys.

Divorce Doctors is a cost effective, peaceful and effective way to handle all aspects of Divorce including Child Support.

If you need help with child support laws contact Divorce Doctors to learn about a low cost, time saving alternative to court or even going to see a lawyer about child law support.  The mediators who will conduct your divorce mediation are divorce lawyers who understand the issues you will need to resolve.

For assistance with your divorce or child support laws contact Divorce Doctors today at 877-442-4733, we are here to help you.


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