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Child Custody Laws

Divorce Doctors can help you with Child Custody Laws and all issues of your Divorce.

When a husband and wife separate and are divorced, special issues arise in relation to any children they may have.  All of the states in the United States have adopted their own child custody laws to address such situations.

A Divorce Lawyer Mediator with Divorce Doctors will be able to explain the exact laws of your state for you.

With Divorce Doctors both husband and wife can have a peaceful divorce without each needing to hire a divorce lawyer.

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Child custody laws help to determine where children will live, how decisions about the children will be made and how much time children will spend with each parent.  However, it is important to understand that child custody laws may (and do) vary from state to state.  This means that what would be decided in the court of one state may not be the decision from the court of another state.

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Say for instance a husband and wife have three children and decide to separate.  Each wants to spend as much time with the children as possible, but each also understands that since they will no longer be living together as man and wife there will have to be time where the children are with the one parent and not the other.  Child custody laws helps decide how this will work, but because child custody laws are different in each state, situations will not always be the same.


What happens when the courts decide on Child Custody Issues?

When a court has the burden of determining issues concerning custody, the child custody laws of their state help to guide them.  When courts do decide how child custody will be arranged, they typically will award sole custody to one parent or perhaps joint or shared custody to both of the parents; however, courts rarely attempt anything creative with child custody as they don’t want to potentially create future problems.  However, most, if not all, courts will make it clear that the guiding principle with child custody laws is what may be in the best interest of the child or children.

Knowing something about child custody laws, specifically sole custody and joint or shared custody can help a parent who is going through a child custody dispute to better understand their options and the possibilities and also what is meant by the term “best interests.”

The Divorce Doctors mediators who will conduct your divorce mediation are divorce lawyers who understand Child Custody Laws and the issues you  need to resolve.

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  • With most child custody laws, sole custody means that the child or children will live primarily with one parent.  That parent also makes all of the decisions concerning the health, education and welfare of the children.  The non-custodial parent typically is only entitled to visitation during which time they will be able to see their children.


  • With joint or shared child custody laws, the parents share not only time with their children, but also the decision making authority.  However, joint or shared custody does not work in every situation because sometimes parents simply are not capable of the heightened communication that such a custody arrangement requires.  This is what makes many courts hesitant to award a joint or shared custody arrangement if the parties are fighting over custody and cannot decide on a resolution for themselves they are already showing that they cannot communicate.

However not all cases have to end up in court as there are many ways to resolve custody disputes outside of court.  It is also possible to handle and resolve a divorce and determine resolutions to issues such as child custody without having to have a divorce lawyer by using divorce mediation.

With mediation, it is possible to resolve all of the issues concerning child custody without having to go to court.

 The parties, with the aid and assistance of a skilled and trained family law mediator can decide between themselves how they will handle the issue of child custody by using the child custody laws of their specific state as a guide.  All of this can be done without either party having to hire, or even consult with, a divorce lawyer.

Mediation will not change the child custody laws of your state; however, mediation will allow parties who want to reach an amicable settlement between each other do just that.  Many people, including your divorce lawyer, are generally quick to say that mediation is always in the best interest of the child or children.

The mediators who will conduct your divorce mediation are divorce lawyers who understand the issues you will need to resolve; however, they will serve to help you resolve you case and will not represent either party.

For more on the mediation process, see the “What is Divorce Mediation?” section.

For assistance with your divorce and child custody laws contact Divorce Doctors today at 877-442-4733, we are here to help you.


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