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Divorce Doctors provides a peaceful and less costly means of divorce. No longer is it necessary for divorces bring about the financial and emotional ruin of the parties involved. Divorce Doctors provides a peaceful, reduced-stress, affordable alternative to the traditional divorce.

In the past, the first thing that would happen in a divorce would be that attorneys would be hired and then everyone would begin to dig in and prepare for a long and expensive battle. Divorce Doctors offers parties the ability to engage in divorce mediation – an alternative to expensive legal battles. 

In many states, judges are ruling that the couple seeking dissolution of marriage must first seek mediation. Don't throw your money away in the court system. Anticipate the ruling and make an appointment with Divorce Doctors®. Visit us at, or call 877-442-4733.

Divorce mediation is a process where the parties, with the assistance of a professional trained in divorce mediation, meet and address all the issues in a non-judicial setting.  There are no judges, no juries, no court reporters, and best of all, there is no need for lawyers.

While the professionals at Divorce Doctors will not provide legal representation for parties, through the divorce mediation process, the professionals at Divorce Doctors can help the parties explore and craft resolutions to any issues that exist between them. 

The mediators at Divorce Doctors – many of whom are divorce attorneys with experience in the family courts – will act as your mediator, settling disputes with a peaceful compromise as their goal – not a bloody court battle. They will not and cannot represent either party.

Divorce mediation differs from the traditional courtroom divorce in that the parties work together to solve their problems. Where a judge would tell the parties what to do, in divorce mediation, the parties decide what to do between themselves, with the assistance of a trained divorce mediator. While the divorce mediator cannot compel the parties to take any action, the divorce mediator can help the parties work together and help them with ideas and creative approaches to overcome obstacles. 

Divorce mediation can be undertaken at any point in the divorce process. As any divorce attorney will tell you, it is always better for the couple getting divorced to resolve issues themselves, rather then through the court system. Divorce is often a messy and complicated process, but it doesn’t have to be that way. With divorce mediation, the parties can make the best of an otherwise bad situation.

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